Friday, January 1, 2010


Wuhuuu! Its January 1st 2010! Can't believe time do fly fastttt! I'm turning 19teen in just a couple of days from now and I hope it's gonna be great to start a new year with new resolution and try to achieve it even it takes how long to make it realityy. Ahaaaa, my new year wasn't really fun because I don't know lahhh. Adik I yang the third have just gone to Tahfiz which is located in Alam Damai and it's just horibble to not heve him around because he always cheer the house! Semalam pergi visit dia dekat sana, and he was crying looking at us. He hold mama punya tangan don't want to lepaskan and crying. Kesian sangat, I know dia taknak pergi but just to puaskan hati our parents he just terima. Adik, kau patut berterus terang ngn mama and ayah kalau kau taknak. Jangan paksa diri kalau taknak. Kalau masuk situ pun mmg lahh akhirat terjamin tapi masa depan dia, I bukan tak setuju tapi Adik tk pernah jauh dari kitaorang, and it's just so hard for me and my another adik to terima. We're teenagers and we know what's best for Adik. Hmmm, lagi berapa hari je nak pulang ke Bangi. Dah lah kena repeat 2 papers, and that just sounds horrible because nak struggle to naikkan pointer! Arghhhhh shit hahaha, tu lahh kau mainmain lagi. Serve you right Yasmin! Hmmm what a boring new year. We all miss you Adik, nenek pun, atok pun. Huuu Happy New Year 2010 bytheway :)