Friday, May 14, 2010


Whoaaaa, I've got two papers left to finished my dizziness on final examination and it just suckssss! Elak aku repeat lagi sekali, then I think I'm outta here KPTM :) huuuu and for the sad part is, Syahin is not gonna be here in KPTM next semester. I'm gonna miss you like hell babeh! Ye lahh, makan bersama, pergi kelas bersama, and to who am i gonna tell my stupid stories to? to who am i gonna cry to, tak dapat tgk dia main snooker dekat warta lagi :(, nak overnight lagi pun, it wouldn't be the same as I before when there is you Syahin. But if he loves me, we'll be okay even we're far right syg? Muahh

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