Monday, December 27, 2010

Goodbye our dearest WKJ 505

I'll miss hitting your walls when I park :)

The first car that I drove when I officially received my driving license 2009 :)

In a couple of days, we'll welcome our new "baby" name WUS 6146 and we'll leave our WKJ 505. Well since I am in second grade I've been in that car. Its just sad to let you go coz I met Syahin when I drove that car :) Haihhhhhh we have to leave you wahai WKJ 505 coz we've spent loads of cash repairing and making you look great and fabulous :) But you are still sick wuuuuuu, thanks for being with us for the great 11 years. We'll never forget you, bye bye WKJ 505

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